Do Drop in at the Dew Drop…..Shawl? Yes!


Last week one of my loom knitting heroines, Kristen Mangus of GoodKnit Kisses, was kind enough to promote this fledgling little blog on her own blog. I thought I would thank her by way of a post  featuring one of her patterns that I absolutely LOVE – the Dew Drop Shawl.

I had this shawl on my to-do list for well over a year. I even bought the yarn over a year ago and then I let it sit for a while. I figured that the yarn must be exhausted from its journey from the yarn shop to my house so why push it? Let’s let that yarn get good and rested before I transform it into what was sure to be the most awesome shawl ever.  I’m very logical like that.

16348836723_217b7e6ac9_bI used Noro (surprise, surprise!) Taiyo Sport in colorway #11. This a nice lightweight cotton, silk, wool and polyamide blend that is really perfect for the warmer months coming up here in NY. And the best part is that one skein is more than enough to complete this shawl. I love that!

16942996706_fb1211c33d_bThis shawl was fun to make. Plain and simple. I had just finished a sweater that took me nearly two months to make and I was jonesing to make something simple yet different. I didn’t want to hear the words moss stitch ever again but I had my doubts that my hands knew how to do anything else after so much repetition. Turns out I’m a bit of a drama queen. My hands did just fine and may have even high-fived each other once they got the hang of the Dew Drop.

16348836973_30b40723f2_bThis looks pretty crazy, doesn’t it?

16968950625_5d696e36e4_bAnd it get’s even crazier looking.

16782667297_4c9da2f78c_bAt this point one may start to wonder what the heck they are making. It’s like a can of silly string threw a party and invited every other can of silly string on the planet. But fear not! It’s supposed to look this way. Kristen said so.

17020554272_9326566517_bAnd there we have it! See? Pure awesome. This was a fast piece to knit. Just a few evenings in front of the TV and you will find yourself with a lovely shawl. I immediately discovered that there are a bunch of different ways to wear this piece. It’s works great as a scarf as well as a shawl.

16399813004_951d4f7c94_bAnd then I had the brilliant idea of making several and using them as curtain panels. I didn’t do it. But I thought about it. And I might do it. Instead I gave this shawl to my gorgeous friend Diane. I really need to get a picture of her wearing it because her shawl wearing expertise makes Stevie Nicks look like a rookie.

A few things I learned while making this piece

  • How to make really long dropped stitches. It’s easy on a loom but looks very impressive and makes people say things like, “oooh girl, you’re so talented!”
  • That once again Noro is the color bomb of yarns.
  • Simple can be stunning.
  • Kristen Mangus writes fantastic patterns and makes the most helpful videos. If you don’t know this, LEARN (<—-click it).

To see Kristen’s Ravelry page on this shawl click HERE.

To see my Ravelry page on this shawl click HERE.

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