Loom Knit Hoxey Cowl


Ever since the Winter issue of Interweave Knits came out I’ve been itching to make the Hoxey Cowl by Meghan Huber. I knew right away it would be a good candidate for converting to the loom. In fact, there really wasn’t anything to convert. The Hoxey Cowl is knit in the round so for us loom knitters that means we don’t have to do anything in order to make the pattern work. Hooray!


I did, however, have to figure out which yarn and which loom I would use. The pattern recommends a bulky yarn and I happened to have the perfect specimens hoarded away in my stash.

The amazing multi-colored yarn is Misty Alpaca Hand Paint Chunky in Pico. Some of you may remember my Loom Knit Infinity Scarf of Many Colors using the same yarn. I had a skein left over from that project and I paired it with a lovely (and much less expensive) skein of Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande in Natural. Both of these yarns are incredibly soft. The Plymouth yarn had the tendency to shed quite a bit while I was working with it but it seems to have stopped now and does not stick itself to my lip balm as I feared it would. Fuzzy lips aren’t nearly as appealing as a fuzzy cowl.

For the loom I chose the All-n-One by Authentic Knitting Board. I tried a few different looms and found that even though the yarn was Bulky it still worked well on the AIO and did not produce a fabric that was too tight. Alpaca is a much finer fiber than say, wool, so it was able to act like a skinnier yarn on the AIO, if that makes any sense.

Since my gauge wasn’t going to match the gauge in the pattern I had to make a few adjustments. I cast on ALL(106) the pegs of the AIO instead of what the pattern called for. I knew from previous experience that this would make the perfect sized cowl for me. I also ended up knitting more rows in order to reach the proper length. But all in all there were very few changes that needed to be made. Amazingly my finished measurements match the pattern’s exactly! Woohoo!!


Isn’t that a wonderful stitch? A few people have pointed out that the white stitches look like little bunnies. Which is perfection, in my house-bunny estimation. (I have two)


This is a great introduction pattern for color work. Once you figure out how to situate your yarn so they don’t constantly get tangled it is really very easy and nothing to be intimidated by. It also creates a very thick fabric which is perfect for a snugly cowl.



If you want to check out the Hoxey Cowl on Ravelry you can find it HERE.

If you would like to see my Ravelry page on the Hoxey Cowl you can find it HERE.

I hope some of you decide to give it a try! Trust me, this is a fast, fun and rewarding piece to knit and you will want to wear it all the time. 🙂